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Counseling Support

Let yourl ight shine

Counselor Jenna Hales

Click here for a link to her website and more information/supports

As the School Counselor, Ms. Hales works with students to support their success at school. This happens in a variety of ways including academic support with things like organization, time management or communicating with teachers. She also supports students with their mental health, friendship difficulties or problems at home. Ms. Hales works with students individually, in small groups and also does classroom lessons. Students can be referred for counseling through a staff member, their parent, or themselves.

Ms. Hales runs the QSA (Queer Straight Alliance) Club as well as a weekly board game club. She is also the 504 and SST Coordinator for the school. Her room is usually open most days during break and lunch and is a safe and welcoming space for students to hang out.