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6th Grade Core (ELA and History)

Our 6th grade core program follows the history and language arts Common Core Standards. The components of our program include:

  • Use of Award Winning Amplify Curriculum
  • Build skills to improve and create better writers with support from No Red Ink, a supplemental grammar program
  • Information, argument and narrative writing
  • Reading independent books, short stories, poems and class novels
  • The study of ancient civilizations from the Stone Age throughout the Roman Empire

Our goals for students are to:

  • Deepen their skills as readers, communicators, thinkers and collaborators
  • Understand how early human societies formed and recognizing common themes in early human communities


7th Grade English

The seventh grade language arts program focuses on reading, discussing and responding to novels, articles, poetry, and short stories with a focus on literary analysis.  Written forms include argument, narrative, summary and response. Development of verbal expression, public speaking and group collaboration is encouraged. Students also expand their vocabulary, spelling and grammar skills with weekly practice.

Novels: The Giver, Refugee, Call of the Wild, and personal choice novels

Goals for students include:

  • To foster a love for literature
  • Develop as writers, thinkers and speakers

8th Grade English

The eighth grade language arts program focuses on students finding their voices through writing and speaking, with an emphasis on argumentative essay writing. By the end of the year, students will write at least five essays; deliver speeches and read and comprehend different types of literature including mysteries, historical novels, dramas and poems.

Goals for students include:

  • Write and speak competently and confidently.
  • Understand complex ideas and think critically.
  • Act compassionately and work collaboratively.

Students feel prepared for high school English. "I'm now in high school. With all the preparation you gave me in 8th grade, my English class is just a breeze." "Thank you for never giving up on me!"


7th Grade History

Using historical content from the Middle Ages, we gain a better understanding of just how we fit into the time-line of life while we learn and practice valuable educational and life skills.

Goals for students include:

  • Realization that they are walking history
  • Develop higher level thinking skills
  • Present an overview of world history with humor and student engagement

8th Grade History

Using historical content from American History, students explore the story of the United States from the pre-colonial era to the 21st century. Students dig deeper as they engage in interactive lessons, analyzing primary documents, while preparing students to be engaged and thoughtful citizens.  

  • Develop higher level thinking skills
  • Present an overview of American history with humor and student engagement


6th Grade Math

In Math 6, students will reason and apply different strategies for fractions, decimals, and percents; while they also extend their knowledge of geometry. Students are formally introduced to ratios, a concept that they will revisit several times throughout the year and in later grades. Math 6 also introduces exponents and reasoning about equivalent equations. The year culminates with students applying strategies to make sense of data, including measures of center and spread.

Goals for students include:

  • To develop a mastery of math that will also allow them to thrive in more advanced settings.
  • To build a foundation for life that gives them the skills to interpret information successfully.

7th Grade Math

Math 7 centers on understanding and applying proportional relationships to understand geometry, fractions, percents, and integers. This leads into work on expressions, equations, and inequalities; while finishing the year with geometry, probability, and statistics as students study angles, triangles, prisms, probability and sampling.

Goals for students include:

  • To develop a mastery of math that will also allow them to thrive in more advanced settings
  • To continue to build a foundation for life that gives them sills to interpret information successfully

8th Grade Math

Math 8 builds on what students have learned about proportional and geometric relationships in Math 7 to develop several key concepts in algebra and geometry. Students use what they know about similar triangles to explore slope as they study linear relationships. This work with linear relationships builds toward solving linear equations with variables on both sides of the equal sign, and systems of linear equations. In Math 8, students to explore functions and properties of exponents and scientific notation. Math 8 finishes the year with the Pythagorean theorem as students encounter square roots, cube roots, and irrational numbers for the first time.

Goals for students include:

  • Firm foundation in the concepts necessary for success in high school math classes
  • Ability to explain their reasoning to others verbally and in writing

8th Grade Accelerated Math

General description: The Math 1 class is an integrated math class that is equivalent to the Math 1 class offered in high school. It is designed for students who are accelerated in math and love a challenge.

Math 1 covers operations with real numbers, solving equations, polynomials, graphing linear equations and functions, solving systems of linear equations, inequalities, geometric sequences and exponential functions, geometry vocabulary, transformations, parallel and perpendicular lines, congruent triangles, relationships in triangles, and polygons and quadrilaterals. 

Goals for students include:

  • Pass the Math 1 challenge test for Analy High School
  • Firm foundation in the concepts necessary for success in high school math classes
  • Ability to explain their reasoning to others verbally and in writing

"What I will remember most from this class is that it is okay to ask for help, and that challenging yourself is the best way to grow as a person."

Eligibility criteria:

  • Be an eighth grader
  • Have 1st and 2nd semester B's in seventh grade
  • Have a qualifying score on the May readiness test


6th Grade Science- Earth Science

Science in 6th grade covers space, Earth and the impacts humans have on the environment. 

Goals for students include:

  • Develop a better understanding of the world they live in
  • Know that they can make an impact in their world

7th Grade Science- Life Science

The course covers: cells and heredity; the structure and function of living things; Earth and life history (evolution).

Goals for students include:

  • Make students independent thinkers
  • Generate science questioning and discovery
  • Have students create and keep a science notebook that is a complete body of work that they can refer back to

Students enjoy the lab work, take pride in their notebooks and enjoy the hands on approach to biology.

8th Grade Science- Physical Science

8th grade science includes the study of mechanics, chemistry, waves and astronomy. The emphasis of the first half of the year is on engineering. Students learn concepts and then apply them in a building challenge. Projects include water rockets, boat building, catapults and egg race cars. The second half of the year is devoted to chemistry, astronomy and designing and carrying out an original experiment. 

Goals for students include:

  • Enjoy science and be motivated to take more courses in high school
  • Be fearless problem solvers
  • Understand the scientific process where conclusions are drawn from experimentation and evidence.

Students enjoy the hands on focus of the class and appreciate being well prepared for high school science.


8th Grade Sex Education

Sex education is a semester class for 8th grade students that covers anatomy, puberty, pregnancy, contraception, STD's, gender and sexual orientation, sexual assault, sexting, healthy relationships and love and dating.

Goals for students include:

  • View sex as a healthy and normal part of life
  • Have the information  to make intelligent decisions about sex and relationships

Students are able to ask questions in a safe environment where there is no judgement. Students enjoy that the class is fact based.

Textbook: Underground Guide to Teenage Sexuality

8th Grade Drug Education

This course covers the effects of tobacco, alcohol and hard drugs as well as learning to say no, understanding advertising techniques, stress management and addiction.

Goals for students include:

  • Understand all of the risks associated with drug use
  • Students understand the ramifications of succumbing to peer pressure
  • Learn tools for saying 'no'

Physical Education

Physical Education is required for all students. This course covers an overall introduction into physical fitness. Students engage in numerous aerobic and anaerobic exercises and progress throughout the grade levels and the school year. Students participate in individual and team sports/activities. We emphasize sportsmanship, a positive attitude and fair play. Our goals are to have every student achieve success based on their level of ability and to every student to improve in ll levels of physical fitness.